Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hall of ShamE: Michael Crichton

OK. (Dr.) Michael Crichton (he's never practiced), and thus doesn't use the "dr." title
WAS always one of my favorite writers.

His first book (ok first successful book) was written while he was still in medical school, you may have heard of it; The Andromeda Strain (it also became a pretty good movie too)

He's averaged about one book ever other year. He's often covered some REALLY cutting edge topics (in Jurassic Park, he discussed DNA, Genetic engineering, as well as "reverse engineering" the dinosaur dna from the samples of amber he had.

In his sequel to Jurassic Park, he discussed (again, several years ahead of the headlines) Mad cow disease.

He's discussed lots of stuff over the years, but now I see he's written a minor character in one of his books using the name of someone who is a critic of his, and made that person a CHILD RAPIST.

I have just sworn off Michael Crichton forever. Not even rereading old novels (like I enjoy doing with my Isaac Asimov novels ever 5 years).

TPMmuckraker December 14, 2006 11:45 AM: ""

I can't even make a joke out of this.
Forever off my favorites list!

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