Tuesday, December 19, 2006

midEasT: True Colors

I almost (ALMOST) feel guilty for posting this nugget of information...

The latest news in aza (aka Gaza outside of Israel) is:

Hamas Security forces assigned to a hospital to guard them, have now refused
to leave the hospital, and are playing (my words-- Shiia or Suni, [just like in IRAQ])

So. Now we see the organization and what will REALLY happen if the palestinians have
total control over all of the land of "Palestine"

Sorry guys. I am STILL pro peace.

Let's just get one thing out front FIRST.

No withdrawal to 1967 borders.

UNTIL the arab/palestinian people/governments
FINALLY ACCEPT (they never did BEFORE)

the 1948 UN two state solution in PRINCIPAL

Then there will NEVER be peace.

Honestly, there are two major problems with the 1948 solution
1) Jordan has to give back a HELL of a lot of land that IT annexed after the ARABS REJECTED the peace plan
2) Jerusalem as an international city will NEVER EVER EVER happen until #1 takes place.

Once the concept (and accepting Israel's existance:take that HAMAS) is accepted
THEN we can negotiate #1 and #2 at the same time...

UNTIL then don't even bother us!

(and (I hate to say this again): Just kill yourselfs and cull your population again...)


Maybe the leftover population will be more moderate, and interested in peace?

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