Thursday, October 05, 2006

DemocracY/VotinG/HumoR: PlayChess On your LOCAL voting MACHINE!

Picture courtesy of hotbabe chess

NOW that I have YOUR attention:
The Register shows us that e-voting machines could be made to record inaccurate voting preferences and

even be reprogrammed to run a chess program.

Will they belive White Spy won against Black spy by 3499 votes?

According to (...snip...) a representative from Irish Citizens for Trustworthy E-Voting (ICTE), the machines hacked by the IT professionals, were almost exact replicas of those selected by the Irish Government for use in elections here in Ireland.

The machines are so similar that the Dutch group has been using only the technical reference manuals and materials relevant to the Irish machines as a guide, as those are the only materials publicly available," he added.

To quote a phrase attributed to the late Mayor of Chicago, "Richard Daley (Sr.), VOTE Early, and VOTE OFTEN. To which I add. I prefer the BLACK SPY.

I am not happy, and this is yet ANOTHER reason to ENSURE OUR POLITICAL system gets REBALANCED from the ALL--->Right sided representation we have today!!!

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