Friday, October 06, 2006

DemocracY: ABC News's "THE NOTE"

ABC News: Who We Are . . . And What We're About

GO Here. It was ABC that broke the story about the Mark Foley scandal shame with the house pages.

ABC is REPORTING. This is what the NETWORKS USED to do.

I am grateful that Disney/CapCities/ABC still supports ABC News. The state of television news these days makes me want to open up my windows and cry "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it!" (That's what he tells his listeners to do when he cracks up!)

THIS preceeded max headroom by almost 12 years! AND MAX headroom's Imagined Reality is SOO SOO close to the REALITY we have TODAY, it's SCARY.

At any rate: I am GRATEFUL to Disney (Current owners of ABC) for continuing to allow a REAL news service to ACTUALLY run WITHOUT interference.

We need to have MEDIA diversity. ClearChannel owns 2500 radio stations? (another topic!)

The Note has a daily note on the workings of Washington... I read it daily now!

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