Tuesday, August 08, 2006

TecH: Electronic Passports and Security Flaws

News from Black Hat Convention:
Very Scary!
In our rush to adopt New technology to thwart Terrorists,
a trial of Electronic Passports with "RFID chips"
The Helpful hackersat the recent BLACK hat security convention have demonstrated a very scary SECURITY hole to reporters at WIREd magazine.

To make it SIMPLE (Something wired doesnt always do!)
a) the proposed passport would have both the current system of a photo and personal data, as well as
b) a RFID tag that will NORMALLY contain the Exact same data as on the paper.


"The Wired write-up suggests that 'a terrorist whose name is on a watch list could carry a passport with his real name and photo printed on the pages, but with an RFID chip that contains different information cloned from someone else's passport'

- but although this is possible in some circumstances, it's chancy because it oughtn't to work for reading terminals where the chip data is put onto a screen for border control."

This might not work, as initially shown, because the bearer COULD be arrested immediately for a fraudlent passport.

BUTa Hack-around COULD be done, in which the "terrorist" would take the data from someone else's passport (using a hidden 'reader') and write that data to a RFID chip {we can call this CHIP2} (but NOT the one in his passport {or chip1}), and then put the fake {chip2} chip on top of his passport so that the Immigration inspector reads the REAL passport, and the FAKE data in chip2 instead of the REAL data in chip1
{so chip1 is not equal to chip2}
And Chip1 has the terrorist's REAL information, as well as matches his passport, thererfore he CANNOT be arrested for PASSPORT fraud.

E-gads. This is ALMOST as scary as the Diebold Voting machine scandals, in which the machines can be hacked as easy as 123! See Here and HERE

Markbnj (life sucks!)

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