Wednesday, March 29, 2006

PoLitiCS: Diebold Dirty TRIX again **updated**

Techdirt: Diebold Tries To Charge County For Showing Its Machines Have Serious Problems

Would SOMEONE PLEASE take this corporation (diebold)

and tell them to STOP making these darn unsafe voting Machines???
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The Black Box voting Project actually DID the analysis of the voting machines in UTAH discussed below..

Better yet, would SOMEONE start to tell these folks that their Lobbying connections and attempting to suppress the SECURITY experts will NOT work in the long term?!!!

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This corporation should not be allowed to pull big bully tactics to scare public officials..

Diebold and other electronic voting machine companies in Florida, [snip][are] boycotting an elections official who had the gall to have their machines tested in a way that shows they have serious security issues.
That article noted that Diebold was negotiating to sell new machines to the county, but only on the condition that the elections officials not run more security tests -- other than "authorized" security tests (because, of course, those with malicious intent would only hack the machines in an "authorized" way).

...the county [official] ordered a bunch of Diebold machines and noticed a bunch of problems with the machines as they unpacked them. So, sensing a problem that should be investigated, the official had a couple machines security tested -- which turned up all sorts of additional security issues. Diebold's response? They told the county that the tests broke the warranty on the machines and demanded $40,000 to "recertify" the machines.

That sounds like a big set of balls to me!


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Onyx said...

That's ridiculous!!! I really can't believe in this day and age we still deal with this crap! We have a whole internet and can file taxes online, why aren't our voting machines as well tuned?