Tuesday, August 08, 2006

ComicS: Today is 1984--Be careful what you say

In today's installment of the Fast-Track cartoon The artist, Bill hollbrook, gives what I call a stinging critism of our current president, and some of the poor decisions he has made in our democracy.
Such as: Spying on the American Public. Such as: reducing the ability of american citizens to have freedoms.

Remember folks, this DOES remind me very much of the novel 1984, where George Orwell was discussing totalitarian dictatorships.

Remember Also, the movie Earlier this year, the Natalie Portman movie, V for Vendetta
it was ALSO a totalitarian society, although in the "20 minutes into the future(c-max headroom) " world we are VERY close to.

Comments? Discussions?
I even copied the artist on this!

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