Monday, August 14, 2006

PreZidenT: Bush seeks Exit Strategy

According to Andy (Borowitz) :
President George W. Bush said today that he has been looking for an exit strategy at the popular Internet site,
Of course, Andy Did NOT mince words, and the most telling, and HONEST and NON-Humorous point he makes is:
Ultimately, Mr. Bush said his search for an exit strategy at Mapquest yielded mixed results: "The good news is that I found the most direct route from Iraq to the U.S. The bad news is that the estimated travel time is twenty years."

STOP. Don't Move.

Let's RE-Analyze that last quote!
...OK... gratitous humor... Bush found most direct route.

Here is Andy's Genius...

His HONEST, (and I believe, TOTALLY accurate) assessment of WHEN we will get our TROOPS HOME FROM IRAQ

Instant REPLAY for the normally BLIND...
The bad news is that the estimated travel time (Home to USA) is twenty years."

What? This sounds like Exactly what Gary Trudeau says in Today's Doonsbury HERE

And why the heck is the UNITED States BUILDING Military Bases in IRAQ???
Why are we expecting to keep those bases full for the next 10-15 year.

Perhaps, via A (heaven forbid that George W LIED) NATIONAL DRAFT???!!!!
(but this time it can be boys AND girls too, just like in ISRAEL!)

End of tirade...

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