Tuesday, August 15, 2006

MideasT: How to stop the Arab boycott/Embargo (reprise)

I said this in a comment on the blog, but figured its interesting enough to repost

I still say the easiest way to Formally end the un-official (but STILL IN EFFECT) Arab boycott of ISRAEL is:

a COUNTER-boycott of Israel products to Arab countries!

If Israel were to pass a law saying that Technology DEVELOPED in ISRAEL May NOT be SOLD, exported or given to ANY COUNTRY that does NOT explictly recognize Israel, its boundries, and it's right to exist per the UN 1948 Two state soultion.

Guess What...
Got arabic fonts on your PC?
Got WIndows XP Home OR PRO
Got WIndows 2000 Server?
Got Windows 2000 pro
Got WIndows 2003 Server?
Got WIndows XP
Got a Pentium 4 or Dual Core Processor?

Oh, and if you say we'll just run Macintosh... Guess what... Macs now run ON INTELs hee heee

That would be the FASTEST way to gain FAIR RECOGNITION...


Not to mention many other companies(checkpoint software) for one that were developed in Israel.

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