Sunday, August 13, 2006

HumoR: The Wizard of Oz, as a scholarly subject


Now I know I am a sick puppy.

I am sitting here, working on the PC, listening to a MP3 of WNYC's show,
Studio360, listening as Studio 360 follows the yellow brick road.
Host Kurt Andersen traces America's favorite movie from a Midwestern huckster named L. Frank Baum to the Leftist Jewish tunesmith who gave us "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Here's a Link to the world of the Wizard of Oz, as interpreted by them...

Especially interesting are a few discussions of "Wicked", at about 35 mins into the show, as well as "The Wiz", and the discussion about scholarly implications of the silver standard, and the end of the nineteenth century, at about 25 minutes into the program.

Very Interesting., as was the discussion about the movie "return to Oz"

And yet... spending an hour on the wizard of oz.

Is this scary, or normal??



Anonymous said...

I teach history. This is a semi-hoax. Baum never intended any of the allegories, but the parallels have been put forth by some writers. A favorite trick of us teachers is to go through the analogies to better understand Bryan, Populism, etc. and then reveal that it's just coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I just "report" it. I didn't create it, and I never thought of it before hearing the show
(you can listen yourself at the link I gave for studio360...