Wednesday, August 02, 2006

MideasT: Kamangir discovers the Political Tourist

Kamangir (Archer) Political Tourism

Archer has apparently figured out that EVEN Muslims travel on vacation. The student on the right (black scarf) is apparently a visitor from Indonesia (to Tehran).

Archer (in his post) wonders why someone vacationing in Tehran would actually demonstrate with such a poster.

I wonder....What good does it do, except to show that some Cleric somewhere in Indonesia has given a speech, fanning anti semetic and anti-zionist feelings deep in Asia. Why? What does this accomplish??
This picture is taken in an anti-Israel protest in Tehran participated by foreign students of Iranian religious schools. As I have not heard of any important movement in Indonesia for condemning Israel....
So what good does it do? We need HONESTY and TRUTH.
We didn't start the fire.

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