Tuesday, August 01, 2006

MidEast: Amarji says:

Amarji says in his blog (check out this message, if you didn't read it already, regarding someone who understands what I will call REALITY)

--BTW, when I say "understands reality" I MOSTLY mean understands that ISRAEL's existence is not going to go away, despite wishing or WANTING to wish it away.

Anyway Amarji in his blog says:
Indeed, the most hoped for Islamic Reformation could not have assumed any other guise than the current confusion (current mideast events) taking place at this stage. New loyalties, identities, patterns of belonging will continue to emerge and interact with older ones in the variety of ways, ranging from the most accommodative and pragmatic to the most puritan and rejectionist, in a desperate attempt to root themselves in this rough terrain. (Was the situation really that different in Europe during the heydays of its reformation?)

In this, issues such as the Arab-Israeli Conflict, US intervention, globalization, energy politics, developmental issues, etc., and concepts such as resistance, integration, modernization, democratization, human rights, civil society, transparency, accountability, good governance and of course, Islam, will play both the role of catalysts and of measuring sticks for how much advance or retreat is made. Uncertainty with regard to the final outcome will color our lives for the next few decades, albeit we are already moving as though on a hyper-drive.

Yo. I am SO with you dude. I have always thought that the "party" line that most arabs (a better term would be??) give of being against Israel, and that being the cause of EVERYTHING (from divorce, to Sex in movies, to the palestian problem, to the problem of the refugees from 1948), etc has always been excuse the expression, "A crock of shit".

My opinion has always been that these issues CANNOT be lumped together.
As Amarji says, the economic squalor in Syria (for example) CANNOT be blamed on Israel, but is.

In one sense it can be, because the Government was forced to spend on arms. But then again so was Israel. Israel has always (well thru to the 60's at least) been borderline in luxury goods.

But the PROBLEM is that if ISRAEL/Jews are the cause of ALL problems, why is ISRAEL prospering?

The next question is how can we (currently a minority of two) change the world?
WE need to see what can be done (by Israel, for example) to help (syria for example) to reclaim parts of the desert.
Or to desalinize the water supply

But... Again, the problem from the Israeli/Jewish side is that we NEED security.
We don't need to put 10,000 Israeli's in a "Peace Corp" program in Syria (for example) if a sucide squad like Hizbollah starts to target these folks.

So. How do we go on?

  1. Defeat the EMPEROR George W. Bush
  2. Figure out how we can repair our image in the world.
  3. Admit the truth.. Because of the STUPIDITY of #1, we will be INTIMATELY involved in IRAQ for at least TWENTY years, with at least fifteen years of INTENSIVE military involvement.
  4. Admit the Truth some more. The WAR junkies currently running the country have built PERMANENT or LONG TERM MILITARY bases in IRAQ.
Once We (and the rest of the world) have digested #3 and 4 (which the USA has STILL not admitted, or acknowledged, despite such things as BASE CONSTRUCTION) then we need to figure out HOW to punish Bush (whom I STILL call a WAR CRIMINAL --(and have for over 5 years...) as well as HOW to get PAST the stuff that CANNOT be changed, and to get on with
LIFE in general!

As you can tell, I am not for our current president, and if you peruse my archives, you will see I believe his actions with regards to his foreign AND DOMESTIC affairs are ILLEGAL.

But. I'm a realist. I don't see what can be done to UN-DO his presidency. I can only help to REPAIR all the damage he's done...


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M. Simon said...

The idea that Bush is the cause of world problems is just as stupid as the ME idea that its problems are caused by Israel.

You need to get over it. It clouds your judgement.

Bush is going to take us through wins over Syria and Iran this summer. That will boost Republican numbers in the Congress. Fortunately the Democrats can't see it. Thus they will be blind sided by it.

Bush is a poker player. The Democrats can barely handle tic tac toe.

Sad because it would be nice to have a sane competent opposition party in America.

BTW how much does that super electric car cost? Dems were always weak on economics. Sad.

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