Thursday, August 03, 2006

DialoG: (Formerly MidEast!) Fares Al-Hurriya on Peace

As you may have noticed, I have started conversing, talking and LISTENING to "the other" side. {note that is in quotes, we're REALLY in this TOGETHER!--since the other side is actually our brother...}

At any rate, Fares, has been commenting on my blog, and other stuff too.
Instead of Answering him on his comment, I am parts and comments about it here.

His post, titled Assad-is-the-natural-choice is very thought provoking .. like here...


Let’s try to imagine the region in Peace where all Syrians, Lebanese, Israelis, Palestinian, Jordanian and Iraqis live in complete peace and harmony, under some kind of a prosperous economic union (a la Europe or South America).

I agree WHOLEheartedly.
They have the European Union, which is a confederation of member states, why don't we
start the Mid-East Union.
In that region, no minority or race is excluded or feel oppressed. Let’s just imagine that this region (Greater Syria and Iraq) interact peacefully and trade smartly with the neighbors, where Egyptians have better standards of living and Gulf countries and Saudis are more advanced in social and human rights.

Turkey continues to prosper, and Iran converts and follows the same path of openness instead of the current radical position. Let’s just imagine that the Islamic and Jewish religions become less militant and political and less interfering in people’s life, less manipulated by extremist figures. Everyone has the right to worship the same God but while being more open minded to the others. It has happened in history under various empires…

But, of course you leave out Israel's contributions to the region.
The new Intel Dual Core CPU's, developed in Haifa, the Windows XP/2003/200x Operating Systems, developed in Tel Aviv, as well as a great deal of agricultural and horticultural experience, and most importantly, DRIP irrigition advances to help the desert bloom.

I am not claiming that everything would be perfect, but at least it would be a major improvement over what is happening now. Europe succeeded in doing that more or less in the last 20 years, added to 20-30 years of solving problems and going in the right direction.

Agreed. It is sixty years since the defeat of the Nazis in Europe. It took Europe 30 years to overcome it, it took my generation of Jewish "people" about 40 years from then to finally forgive Germany, and be able to start buying things German. And the EU has been building up for the past 20-25 years.
Let’s just imagine Syrians and Iraqis vacationing in Haifa or partying in Tel Aviv, doing tours in Nazareth and Jerusalem, or swimming in the dead sea.
Imagine Israelis trekking in Damascus, Baghdad Or Beirut (like some of the visitors expressed the desire to)

I for one would really have enjoyed being able to digg in ??? pick a tel.
At any rate, This IS what we COULD (and MUST start to strive for!)

...snip... imagine Iraqis swimming on the Mediterranean and red sea beaches… Imagine youth hostels and hotels, or camping areas everywhere (like Europe) where backpackers or tourists (local from the region or international) can come and enjoy the rich history, beautiful nature, fantastic food, vibrant cafes and night places. Warm hospitality and people sincere welcome…let’s imagine that the competition is only peaceful between these countries various in size but like a big family is in Sports or Arts or Entertainments, where competition is creative and not destructive and suffocating

Amen, Brother.
From you mouth to God's Ears!

Next part of his post:
...SNIP... {mark sez:}I've repunctuated it to make it cleaner,...
(...)To (the) big imperialistic powers, {currently the Neo-Cons in the US}, {stuff in the Mid-east} is just a commodity exchange medium, a very important one though. People's lives are not significant, they are very cheap, Arab or Israeli (Israeli lives are a little more precious because its supplies (# of lives) are not as fertile as the Arabs) and they don’t have the hungry and angry masses that threaten the stability of the world, or at least that is how some elements of the ignorant west (Think NEO-CONS) view these angry masses.
Sad, but entirely true.
I personally feel that the United States of America has been "overthrown" by an evil cabal, consisting of a former defense secretary, the current one, and a puppet that is moving via strings to their exact wishes.
I feel the words "WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL" should throw shivers into the entire current US government!

Yes. Neo-Cons have been attempting to plan a war to "oust" Sadaam Hussein since 2000, when President doofus was elected.
Now that they have had a war, have been at a diaster for four years, (and have at least another 20 years in IRAQ, Which they still won't admit) it is time to face their power, and see what can be done to over-come it...

Since the west does indeed pay to buy oil, after trying to monopolize some parts of it, and since it is much more advanced than the current weak and troublesome region, it wants the money back. So war is some dirty way to do it, so much money and jobs in that, weapons, reconstruction projects, you name it. Anyway so many experts have written on that, but you get the picture.

Oh Plussssassseeee. Let's not talk about the cabal of Saudia Arabia and Oil, which Bush Sr, and Bush Jr. are both members of.
They are secretly happy to have $75.00 (and soon $100.00/barrel) oil.
They hope that it will bring forth more exploration rights in the US.

{Forgive me if you {arab brothers} don't really want to hear this BUT}
what America needs today is NOT a gas guzzling 4Wd 4X4. it needs a car like this Tesla Motors new car that goes 0 to 60 in 5 seconds, and 250 miles on a charge!

The last 5 years of Bush achieved huge success in these goals which guarantees another generation of conflicts and 30-40 years at least or more domination…
And remember my predictions! I say:

Oil at $89-$95 per barrel by December 31st 2006.
  • Donald RumsFeld WILL be out of office by end of year.
  • The Senate will be re-taken by Democrats.
  • The House of Representatives will have a 5 vote (at most) Republican majority.
  • Immigration reform will NOT pass in 2006.
  • The republicans will NOT realize that Americans will see THEIR party as what killed the bill.
  • George W. Bush will NOT be indicted or charged with Impeachment, or any other political act.
  • Our Politicians are too scared to do this.
  • The United Nations WILL open a war crimes investigation into the war and Invasion of Iraq.
  • Iran Will Call the United States's Bluff and continue their weapons program.
  • Microsoft will NOT be able to release Windows Vista to the corporate Market in 2006.
  • George Bush will be forced to admit that he lied during the debates, and will bring back the DRAFT in the US because recruiting rates are so low!
  • (What I'd like to see, but likely won't:) 500,000 troops in IRAQ by end of 2006.
And I sadly realize I left a couple out from the original post like:
  • The US will announce in the middle of 2007 that it has signed a 99 year non-retractable lease for 6 bases all around the country of IRAQ.
  • That The US will increase troop levels from 130,000 troops to 300,000 troops by End of 2006.
  • That the new bases will all be operational in one month, and will also be stocked with nuculear Cruise missles.
  • That the new base will operate on a medium term 20 year initial cycle time.
  • In the process they {the NEO-CONS} built a huge paper empire of terrorism, radicalism and clashes of civilization.
    • They destroyed the democracy concept that {once flourished and was worshiped in the USA}.
    • They abused {power} big time…
      • no value for human live
      • human rights
      • or (some) prosperity as we witnessed in Palestine/Israel, Iraq and now Lebanon revisited.

So. In essence, I totally agree.
I think that his position is slightly syria centric, but then again, that's his home country, so it should be....

As along as we can all understand that we are ALL allowed to play in the sandbox together, this might work!



Fares said...


You did a great job, I like your post and I am glad that we have a lot of commonly shared views for the region’s better interests. No one is denying Israeli’s technological advances, hopefully it would benefit everyone in the region and everyone would be able to contribute one way or the other just like Europe.

PEACE and let’s work toward that goal…

M. Simon said...

Just say NO to Bush. He has STARTED 2 wars and is about to bring US into IRAN. Just say NO to war in IRAN. Do You think a war against Terrorists is Limited to the USA? Yes? Think again.

After the attack on Israel by Hizbollah and with the Iranian atomic bomb program rushing forward there is considerable agitation on the American street for a take down of the mullahs in Iran.

BTW it is not 2 wars. It is two battles in one war. The one that started for America on 9/11.

Syria and Iran have been causing a lot of trouble for America in Iraq. You think that is going to go unpunished? By the end of the summer there will be new regimes in Damascus and Teheran. Count on it.

Europe didn't get peace until they got war. It seems like the ME is in a similar position.


The USA like any real democratic country is run by the people. Not some secret evil neocon Zionist Nazi Oil cabal.

The battle of Iraq was popular when it started and there is significant core support to see that it ends with a strong independent democratic government for Iraq. At lest our Congress keeps voting that way.

BTW what kind of imperialism insists that its imperial clients be self governing? That kind of twists the whole idea of imperialism into a conspiracy pretzel. No imperial power has ever acted that way before. So maybe America is not an imperal power. Maybe it is something different.

Maybe it is a liberating power. Ya think?

President dufus will have liberated Syria and Iran by summer's end. Keep your eyes open and your head down.

20 years in Iraq? We are still in Germany and Japan. Twenty years is nothing.

The Democrats will lose seats in the Senate and the House. You are not factoring in the fall of Syria and Iran.

Whatever the UN does will be ignored in America especially after we see the peacekeepers aided Hizbollah. Not to mention the Oil for Palaces, the rapes by UN troops, etc.

The military is meeting its recruiting goals. Re-enlistment rates are way up.

There will not be 500,000 American troops in Iraq. Ever. To maintain such a fource the Army would have to be 10X its current size. Besides, after the fall of Syria and Iran the need for troops will decline.

Tactics, Strategy, Grand Strategy

I would say on the whole that you have no clue about the flow of events. You do have some very interesting paranoid fantasys. Have you considered writing fiction? You have a talent for it.

Markbnj said...

M. Simon said...
...snip...would say on the whole that you have no clue about the flow of events.
mark uses his bully pulpit to say,
NO FLOW of EVENTS??? on what the WAR our PARANOID president FOISTED on the American PUBLIC by DECEPTION?

On The roots of the Arab-Israeli conflict???
On the fact that EVEN the ARMY and the GENERALS now admit we have NO exit strategy or TIMELINE from IRAQ?
ON the fact that I predicted that OIL would be around $100.00 a barrel by 12/31/06, with a 50% chance by end of summer?
--------------------> Hey. I made that prediction in April, when OIL was at a WORLDWIDE HIGH of $64-68 per barrel
As of a couple of weeks ago, Oil FUTURES for Jan 2007 delivery went to a high (already ) of $80.00/barrel.

M. Simon further said...
You do have some very interesting paranoid fantasys. Have you considered writing fiction? You have a talent for it.
Gee thanks, I'll send you a signed copy of my book(s) when published.


very interesting paranoid fantasys.
don't you mean (as my daughter the grammar nazi would say,) ...paranoid fantasies???

What the Heck am I paranoid about.
The LIES W told?
The fact our president is a Drug abuser
The fact our president is a Alcohol abuser (and CONVICTED Drunk Driver)
THe Fact that the CURRENT Vice President and former Defense Secretary Privitized the ENTIRE ARMY, and is making huge profits
from the WAR that HE is LEADING????
The Fact that W lied about W-M-D ???
The Fact that W lied to THE AMERICAN people about REMOVING the constitution and Judicial OVERSIGHT?
The Fact that W lied about "Mission Accomplished?"
The fact that Gary Trudeau and Doonsbury-08/06/03 is MORE on target
then BUSH is, only points more to the fact that BUSH is NOT RUNNING the COUNTRY!!!!