Monday, April 17, 2006

PrognosticatioN: 2006 Predictions

I didn't start this blog in January, so I can make my predictions late. I will update this post as they come to pass or fail...

    Today (4/17/2006) I predict:

  1. Oil at $89-$95 per barrel by December 31st 2006.
  2. Donald RumsFeld WILL be out of office by end of year.
  3. The Senate will be re-taken by Democrats.
  4. The House of Representatives will have a 5 vote (at most) Republican majority.
  5. Immigration reform will NOT pass in 2006. The republicans will NOT realize that Americans will see THEIR party as what killed the bill.
  6. George W. Bush will NOT be indicted or charged with Impeachment, or any other political act. Our Politicians are too scared to do this.
  7. The United Nations WILL open a war crimes investigation into the war and Invasion of Iraq.
  8. Iran Will Call the United States's Bluff and continue their weapons program.
  9. Microsoft will NOT be able to release Windows Vista to the corporate Market in 2006.
  10. (I almost forgot) George Bush will be forced to admit that he needs to bring back the DRAFT in the US because recruiting rates are so low!
  11. (What I'd like to see, but likely won't:) 500,000 troops in IRAQ by end of 2006.

    (end of 4/17 predictions. More will follow.



Anonymous said...

#10 scares the absolute HELL out of me, and has for a while. (My oldest son is 17.) While I do believe that if Bush reinstates the draft, it would bring awareness to some seriously blind people - once it is possible for THEIR children to be sent over there - Oh no! We don't want THAT!?!

Personally, I don't need the threat of my child being sent to Iraq (or Iran, fer chrissakes) to see the stupidity in this war. That threat is just one more nail in the coffin - and I sincerely hope that statement stays metaphorical.

Onyx said...

I'd have to agree with you on all except #10. Everyone seems to have this fear of draft (it's been whispered since the war started), but it just hasn't come to fruition.

Do you think he'll do it as a last Hurrah! before he leaves office? That would be interesting!

Markbnj said...

The New Draft SCARES the SH*T out of me.
(and you can tell I'm over 40, because I censor my own posts (mostly).

BUSH lied in the 2004 campaign when he said he had no plans for a draft.
ALL he needs to do it is issue an executive decree.

ANd yes, I have a 12 year old as well as my 21yr old daughter.
My daughter is quite level headed and almost got her brains back.
Her reaction to her alumunium foil headed father??
if I get called, I'll just be pregnant.

Very smart that girl, that's why I'm killing myself in putting her to school after just losing a third of a million dollars in a failed business.

I wouldnt be suprisedif the great "W" decides that the *ar (after he fires RUMSFELD) really needs 500,000 bodies to fight, (and that means another 300,000 contractors to do laundry/food, etc-- remove the PRIVATIZATION of the army) and if he needs 1/2 million, he doesnt have enough bodies, and SO
EXECUTIVE order # "W" NewDraft

I hate the thought too, except that the army ...nah make that marine corp.
will make a MAN out of him, and get all that BS "ADHD"/oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) out of him for GOOD!


SO. Wanna start an new thread with ODDS on when RUMSFELD quits/is canned?
I say there's a 50% chance he will be gone by July 1st, 2006

FRITZ said...

I almost hope these all come to fruition. It's time for a battle! I want Bush impeached, but not before Cheney. We impeach Bush, look who we've got for Pres!

Good stuff, Mark. I need to keep up with the reading...

Markbnj said...

Fritzy: You snooze, you lose.
With regard to Cheney, He should become either the next Secretary of Defense, or the next Whiskey Bar. No. I mean drunk at the next whiskey bar...No I mean. He needs to Leave first. Right after Carl Rove and Donald Rumsfeld, and Libby Lewis (oh yes, he DID leave, he was indicted...)
See what happens when I blog at 1230am after being up at 7am?