Sunday, August 27, 2006

MidEast: BS METER: Nasrallah sorry for ...war

Nasrallah sorry for scale of war

Wooo Hooo TIVOLI

WHAT A GOLDEN SET OF BALLS This bull shit leader has.

Had we known that the kidnapping of the soldiers would have led to this, we would definitely not have done it," he said in an interview on Lebanese TV.

"We did not think that there was a 1% chance that the kidnapping would lead to a war of this scale and magnitude," Sheikh Nasrallah said.


AND YOU arabs out there STILL SAY hizbollah is on YOUR side, and YOUR heros for defeating the ISRAELI agressors????

YOUR GOLDEN BOY just apologized for BLOWING YOUR COUNTRY up...

And you STILL SAY WE are the agressors.

Well. If I had billions in OIL REVENUE (like IRAN) I too, would give out $15,000 per person for their damanged apartments and destroyed lives.

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Onyx said...

*CoughDumbassCough* Some people, huh? Especially political leaders. How do these guys end up in office? Did they get the long straw?