Friday, August 25, 2006

The Age of Destruction.... was originally sung by Barry Mcguire..., and was a hit in 1965.

You can get a MP3 containing 2 of his songs (about 40 minutes into show) from

Written by P.F. Sloan (who?... He also wrote 27 other hit songs in the 60's. Didn't get a penny from royalties from any of the songs)

He also wrote ... Secret Agent Man...
Also played on the first 3 Mamma and Poppas albums.
He has a new album out.
Sung by him. (finally)-- Some new songs, some old ones)
Reminds me of Bob Dylan, Harry Chapin, and Jim Croce

"Tell me over and over and over, my friend
You don't believe that


Let's review..some of our headlines..

Big Brother-- NSA spying on Americans
George Bush-Stolen Elections
George Bush-Weapons of Mass Destruction and Lying to World
Religion: It's a global Jihad. Islam vs. the West.
(let's re-create and REcolonize Europe just like in Saladin's times)

Iran: Almost has nukes, has said it wants to wipe Israel off the map.
Iraq: US starts a war, totally screws it up, now thinks it can run
US : Bush lies, knows we will need a DRAFT within 2 years due to his INEPT iraq war.
Oh and Tech:
Microsoft blows yet another ship date. (January 07 for Vista)
Bill "Microsoft" Gates plans full "retirement"
Voting Machines. As F*#$ed up as they ever have been


Markb in NJ

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