Tuesday, July 18, 2006

VERIZON DSL STILL down (wasn't up except for fewa hrs)

Verizon ONLINE SERVICES stinks

Poor DSL service
Poor Customer Service
Poor Voice Recognition Software
Poorly implemented Call Director Software

I was TOO optimistic

I was partially fixed.
They managed to do the following (note this is my 15th ticket!)
1) moved my service to a CO (Centeral Office) -office run that did not have defective cable pairs
2) had the tech replace a 2 foot piece of wire (from outside verizon demarc to VERIZON inside demarc)
3) had my service in the CO terminated on a different piece of equipment, to ensure that equipment wasn't bad.
4) replaced my end user DSL modem.

What did this all do??

I was up, I finally had an good connection to their Central Office.
And So, I was up for 3 days, 17 hours and 42 minutes.

BUT I didn't have a DNS server

I checked (ping -t) their main DNS server, their Secondary one that was assigned.
I checked (ping -t) their SECOND main DNS server, their Secondary one that was assigned last week.

Today I had 57,900 packets lost (in a row)
Actually 5 minutes ago, I had 35 packets to the host delivered. Thus this message (I hope)...


When will we ever learn???
We Didn't start the fire.

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