Wednesday, July 19, 2006

MidEasT: Becoming A HAWK? Too few TROOPS to WIN? ***AGAIN ***

Repost .
We need

500,000 US Troops

in IRAQ.

I said this a few days ago.
I said this a few months ago.
I said this a few YEARS ago.

Let's review again

The current *(we won't discuss legal or illegally elected!) president has:

  • Shown his intentions to invade and overthrow Sadam Hussein from the day he was elected.
  • Invaded Iraq to eliminate the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).
  • Had to finally admit that there were no WMD.
  • Shown that his PLANNING, Management, CONTROL, and adjustments skills to the war planning process have been non-existent.
    • His MILITARY experts (and defense chief RUMSFELD) has blown the planning in a tragic and terrible manner. From the first planning that the US would be seen as liberators, to the fact that he has grossly underestimated the number of US troops needed to stabilive the country.
    • The fact that his Apointee, Rumsfeld is STILL in CONTROL of the Armed forces shows that BUSH does NOT know how to DELEGATE or CONTROL a process.
  • Leaked Classified (CIA operative) information to the press, after first claiming to de-classify the information, under his own perogative.
  • Continuously misled the American Population by saying "Mission Accomplished", when in Reality, a FULL-SCALE CIVIL WAR is now going on in IRAQ.
  • Misled the American Public by saying we will be going from 140,000 troops in IRAQ, to a smaller number by the end of December2006.
    • In Reality, due to the ESCALATION of the civil war, MORE troops will be required, NOT LESS!!!
  • Directly LIED to the American People when he said there would be NO DRAFT, during the presidential CAMPAIGNS.
  • DIRECTLY LIED to the American People when he said that we would NOT be in IRAQ for the long term. (say 20-30 years)
OK. My points (again)
  1. We will need 500,000 American Troops in Iraq, so that we can make up, and prevent this pending (or active) Civil war now going on.
  2. We will (obviously in my mind) need to have an active draft in order to support this goal.
  3. We will (based on current American Construction) have PERMANENT bases in IRAQ that will be manned for at least 20 to 25 years.
  4. I am, and have consistently been AGAINST the war, EVEN before it started.
  5. We need to impeach the monkey currently in the oval office, and also impeach the person pulling his Strings, (in my opinion, Vice President Cheney).

A prediction:

In 2008, the COMPROMISE candidate of the Republican party will be Dick Cheney for President. His campaign slogan will be, "Elect the REAL president, President"..



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