Friday, July 14, 2006

MidEasT: Israel Vs. The Arab world (redux)


Didn't we already go through a multi-front war in
  1. 1948 When Every arab nation attacked the newly declared state of Israel?
  2. 1956 When the Egytpians kicked the UN out of The Sinai, and then attacked Israel?
  3. 1967 When Israel was again attacked by Lebanon Syria, Jordan and Egyptian Borders?

If they want it, (so the leader of Hizbollah) claims, WE will be HAPPY to fight them BACK.

Remember ONE thing here.

We didn't start the FIRE

It was started by the Palestianians when they kidnapped an Israeli Soldier in an attack on ISRAEL proper.

I think it's time to start bombing Syria Again....

Perhaps we need to reconsider the 1948 UN two state solution?!!!!

In which the UN took the British Mandate land, and split it into two and Created a Jewish State, and a PALESTINIAN state.

TAKE the DAMNED land back from JORDAN, and EVERYONE move back there.

Oh, and we can go back to undo a silly arab-o-phile (lawrence of Arabia) type decision to give a friend over one third of the land that they were then taking care of for future nations.

SO this decision was made to give a POLITICAL contact, control over this huge tract of land for POLITICAL considerations, and this guy forms the "HASHEMITE kingdom of Jordan"

YES JORDAN itself is a politicial creation, engineered by that "GREAT" (?) Politician of WWII, SIR Winston Churchhill. I really think that this needs to be part of the two state decision, and make JORDAN AND the other part into the PALESTINIAN land, and let them all leave israel ALONE...

YOU CAN affect the WORLD....

TELL people that you want a TWO state solution to the Palestinian Problem... BUT NOT with the 1967 borders. TELL PEOPLE that you want to implement the UN's 1948 two state solution!

And if they ask, it was the ARAB (PALESTINIANS) who chose to fight all this time, and NOT Israel!!!!


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