Thursday, July 13, 2006

TecH: Tip: FireFOX browswer quick how-to

Help! Firefox WONT install any extensions!!!

OK. never used firefox? go here to download in English.

FireFOX does EVERYTHING that IE can only dream of, (or do in IE 7.0)

Tabbed browsing.
built in pop-up blocker
Built-in ad blocker pop-up add in
extension to do EVERYTHING with including installing themseleves (from
BUT ONCE in a while you get something strange, like if you
TRY and go to the extension add-on page
And you click (any extension) and get THIS message:

Software installation is currently disabled

and instead of installing the EXTENSION, it shows you this NASTY screen?...

DON'T Panic!

You did what I did, right and clicked on the "edit options" box like it said to... HAHAHA LIKE THIS and got tHIS window?/??? wrong ANSWER!!!

According to Google's cache of EVERYTHING,EVERYWHERE
(* here *)
THIS is the CORRECT solution!

)(and thanks to brad who I stole it from VERBATIM!

FIX: Software installation is currently disabled

by Brad , Mar 31, 2006

Keep getting this crazy message and can't find it under TOOLS|OPTIONS menu to disable it like Firefox says?
Is that's what got you down folks?
Thinking of switching back to IE or to Opera?
Well HERE is the solution!!!!!!!!

You can't install a plugin because the browser said "Software installation is currently disabled ..."; you need to type into the address bar:

(yes, type in the ADDRESS BAR: (no quotes)

"about:config" (not including the ")
Hit the enter key
Find "xpinstall.enabled" option"
Its listed alphabetically
If its bold it is NOT activated or "false" or disabled.
DOUBLE CLICK on it and it should turn not bold and be enabled or "true"
Go back to the extension and download again and it should work. :-)

Now go back to the options menu and recheck the four hundred boxes you unchecked before you threw the keyboard out the window..... :-(

This is what the window will look like!

Thanks to BRAD for solving this that happened on ONE of my 4 machines!

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Onyx said...

Okay, I may be persuaded to use Firefox...if I can just understand how the damn FTP works in it.