Tuesday, June 06, 2006

ConGresS:Stop New SNEAK attack on our rights **UPDATE 6/6 PM ** funny!


The entertainment industry has snuck language into an obscure copyright bill that could smash Internet fair use. The law implies that licenses from copyright holders are needed for every digital copy made in the transmission of digital media -- including cached copies on servers or on your hard drive, and even temporary copies in RAM. The wording is being debated in a House Judiciary subcommittee on Wednesday.

GO HERE (Congress.org) On the top left, in RED there is a field for entering your zip code.

You have several options. 1) write email 2) write letter (and print/mail or print/fax)

Most congressmen tend to ignore emails, so get the fax # of the local office, and fax THERE, (print, then fax there.
I put the following in my heading:
Subject: SIRA 115 Section 115 Reform Act on digital licenses
Dear Congressman:
Apparently, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property is going to introduce and expedite a not yet introduced bill entitled the Section 115 Reform Act (aka SIRA) this coming Wednesday, June 7. Why the rush? Because otherwise someone might notice that the bill represents an unholy alliance between the major music service providers (AOL, Yahoo, Apple, Real Networks, etc.) and music publishing industry. If the bill passes, they win, but fair use loses.
I'm writing because I want you to know my concerns with the wording of the Section 115 Reform Act currently about to be considered by the Judiciary Committee. The wording in this bill implies that copyright licenses are required for EVEN TEMPORARY COPIES of content on the Net and in computer memory. It also EXTENDS the legal definition of COPYRIGHT "DISTRIBUTION" to cover TRANSMISSION over the Internet. Both of THESE CHANGES HAVE NOT BEEN DISCUSSED BY the COMMITTEE, but WOULD radically affect digital technology industries.

Sneaky little republican wags think we don't see stuff!



***************6/6 update Courtsy of THe Register!****************

Interesting. THIS BRITISH newspaper is sticking it's two cents in here.

RIAA, EFF unite to sabotage digital reform
The day 'digital rights' died?

And HIS bone is that Electronic Freedom foundation is against this because of the other thing. Doesnt even know whats going on...

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