Monday, June 05, 2006

TecH: Labling mp3 DL's online!

We should be THIS lucky in the US.
--MP's in Britan suggest that Downloads be labeled with
the type of DRM's associated with their downloads!

UK suggests labeling MP3's with DRM rights...

Instead, we have THE RIAA telling congress that the FBI must become a new ENFORCEMENT arm of the RIAA and do CUSTOMER raids.

WRITE your congressman!


Onyx said...

Sorry, I have been visiting but not commenting lately.

You're right! They should be doing that here. It's a ripoff if you buy a cd for your MP3 player and then find out you can't save it to MP3.

Markbnj said...

It's ok... I now like to try and take it easy here.

No more Killing myself to add 3things per day...
or Doing tirades against politicians...