Tuesday, May 30, 2006

HuMoR: Lyndon LaRouche -- Cult, Visionary, Fascist or Fool?

In the interest of staying relatively sane while
attempting to get my pool the color of a sparkling blue, I am going to examine an issue of very strategic importance to our country.

That is the transformation of the US Military into one that relies Heavily on companies such as Halliburton, and other "Private Military Companies" (PMC).

But first, we need to HONESTLY examine Mr. Lyndon LaRouche. I feel that I too would be marginalized and dismissed as simply a LaRouche-ite if I did not do this.

The wikipedia entry for Larouch starts off saying:
The LaRouche Movement is an international political and cultural movement which promotes Lyndon LaRouche and his ideas, including a number of conspiracy theories.

The organization includes interlocking think tanks, magazines and newspapers, national political organizations, a political action committee, and youth cadre.
Although the LaRouche movement is widely seen as a fringe political cult (or a cult of personality), the movement itself proclaims that Lyndon LaRouche is a central figure of international political and cultural importance, and that the movement is a necessary response to save the world from an ongoing and imminent global crisis. One critic has accused LaRouche of creating a cult of personality rivaling that of Joseph Stalin.

Why are we starting this discussion about the Military industrial complex, by discussing Lyndon LaRouche??

Quite simply, his "Executive Intelligence Review" for May 19th (last week) talks about the US military.

However he has his critics too. In a document HERE: (allegedly from B’nai B’rith
Anti-Defamation Commission Inc. of Australia / New Zealand, he is quoted as
believing in an impending world crisis engineered by an alleged cabal of
Jewish bankers based in Britain.

The "Grand Design for Humanity" is LaRouche's vision for saving
civilisation, which sees the creation of a dictatorship with LaRouche
at the helm, dedicated to the eradication of all facets of the
Oligarchy. LaRouche contends that popular support for this
dictatorship would only be forthcoming if he could prove that a
major crisis is looming, which could be solved with the rise of a new
charismatic and competent leader (i.e. LaRouche himself). The
impending crisis idea, as utilised by LaRouche propagandists,
usually takes the form of debtor countries reneging on their loans to
the International Monetary Fund (a supposed Oligarchy front),
thereby triggering a global depression.

Amongst a range of his "antisemitic canards" , LaRouche has claimed that The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (the notorious Czarist forgery
depicting a plot by Jewry to take over the world) contains a “hard kernel of truth”.

Mark again...
I've gotta tell you...
Listening to this, this reminds me Way too much of "V for Vengence", the "comic" and then movie (Natalie Portman) that I said was an essential updating of George Orwell's 1984 See HERE for original discussion

What I said in a nutshell, is that the totalatarian state in "V" is way too close to 1984, and I could EASILY see this happening in AMERICA today.
However, thinking of LaRouche (and being Jewish) makes me afraid....
Afraid that if his kind of person/vision is accepted, then we are way to close to this depressing state.

A discussion of LaRouche's policies on Military Service, Compulsory Military Service, and RE-publicizing the American Army. (Getting Rid of the contractors again!)


Political views of Lyndon LaRouche - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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