Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ConsTiTutioN: Network Neutrality at RISK

Law is up for VOTE THIS WEEK

OK. Don't know what Network Neutrality is? Click here.

Back? Okay. Why Care? look at this excerpt by Dawn Holian, over at Common Cause:
Imagine you’re a voter searching the Internet for information about an upcoming election. You go to the candidates’ websites, but the videos of their speeches and debates won’t load. You log on to an advocacy site that last year had an interesting blog and other interactive tools to help you learn about the candidates and issues—but now it doesn’t work properly either. You search for the day’s campaign news, but your Internet service provider seems to be steering you to download episodes of Commander in Chief and buy a DVD of The American President.

According to Holian, it may seem far fetched for today. But it might happen if network neutrality is not enacted.

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