Thursday, April 27, 2006

TecH: Micro$oft vs. EU in court

Had we NOT elected a brain dead (ok. maybe only THINKING impaired) President, President, Joel Klein would STILL be at the Justice Department instead of in charge of the NYC school system, and THE US would have Microsoft over the exact SAME battle.

This folks, is WHY we need a new political party that is not betrothen to the ones in power.
EU Commission rejects MS claims and demo

The EU's lawyer, in a blistering performance, told the court the two sides agreed on one thing - that the hearings of the last two days on Media Player had parallels with the server arguments in that it was another example of Microsoft leveraging its “super dominant” position in desktop operating systems to another area.
He continued, that Microsoft was interested in interoperability before 1998 [only] because its product was in a minority position. When this changed it refused to provide that necessary information. Microsoft originally licensed its API’s to AT&T, which licensed it to Sun.
...markbnj (former AT&T employee) sez: or more accurately, Gave away its CROWN Jewels (Unix System V) to Sun.
Whelan, the EU lawyer, explained that Samba version 3 was released in 2003, (after nearly 6 years of development) to address the demands of Windows 2000 and only allowed a machine to be recognised as a member server not as a domain controller. -- In other words Windows STILL has a monopoly on Domain Controllers! (and Active Directory Servers)

Whelan further denied that the protocols the Commission was demanding (to be released) would allow rival firms to “clone” Microsoft machines. The fear of cloning was: “A smokescreen of emotive jargon.” he said.

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