Thursday, April 27, 2006

BigBrotheR: Fight Hollywood! fight new bill *update*

4-27 update.
Now Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca) and Graham (R-SC) have proposed a new Senate bill (S. 2644) would effectively ban streaming MP3 for licensed music by requireing 'casters to use the most restrictive streaming format available...

OK. Now I'm sick. Doubly sick.
It's bad enough that the RIAA has helped to prosecute people under the DMCA.

However, NOW the Hollywoodies want to ADD to the DCMA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) instead of REPEALING it!!!

over at ipac tells us that the new PROPOSED law (sounds REPUBLICIAN! to me!)
"Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2006" (IPPA) would double the authorized prison terms for existing copyright infringement, create a host of new offenses, and establish a division within the FBI to hunt down infringers .
the Hollywood cartels want to divert $20 million a year and FBI agents from fighting real criminals so they can go after people without computers.

What? RIAA sues family without Computer for DOWNLOADING offenses! Yes...
Now is the time to fight back and prevent this from passing THIS reprehensible Congress. This is the epitome of bad policy, and it's a direct result of the Hollywood Cartel's influence in Congress.
You can join the fight by calling your Congressman and Senator

It's a shame. The TV/Movie/Record industry Today is Where the AUTO industry was 20 years ago. Remember the joke about if the Auto Industry was like the Computer Industry, (Cars would be $25.00 and get 500 miles/gallon, but would need to toss car when they paint the road?!)

The RIAA and associated companies have done the same thing to HD-TV and our tech industry.

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