Thursday, April 20, 2006

RadiO:King of all Has-Beens. Howierd Stern

A brief biographical Timeline of Stern

Stern sucks. He got lucky on his way into the New york market, in 1982.

But over at A site that Stern tried to have shut down, someone comments that,
For years, I've listened to him, but no longer. I don't understand how he can keep the same old material going year after year. He stopped being original in '93.

For me (markbnj) it was the weekend in 1999 that he announced that he was divorcing his wife of 21 years, (and a major reason that his movie based on his autobiography, Private Parts, was so successful.

His movie, just two years earler, showed him as human. The divorce made him cold, and calculating. For me, originally a fan since he appeared in NYC in 1982, on WNBC-AM, following the legendary Soupy Sales in the P.M. Drive time slot I was hurt, and disapointed in Howards act, as well as his decision to divorce his wife. I decided then to go cold turkey from howard forever.

So. In 1999 O&A came to N.YC. following their April Fools Show where the Mayor of Boston was killed. That was the end of Howard Stern. The King of media COULD have retired at the top, and perhaps even become their producer or agent, or worked WITH them.
The moment I heard O&A, I knew that Howard was Toast!

But no.
O&A's first contract was finished May of 2002. They came back in June syndicated on 7 stations, with a 20million dollar per year deal (10mil/each per year).

And all was well. Almost well. Both O and A and Howard were on Infinity (CBS) radio. Howard used his political muscle to have O and A gagged so they couldn't talk about Howard.

Big Mistake

At any rate, Howard is Now (as of this January), on Sirus Satellite, and he's wondering where his listeners are. Howard. You lost them when you became a radio "insider".

And sorry to bore you folks with Old news.
Most people I know agree that howard really hasnt done anything good since 1990.


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