Thursday, April 20, 2006

TecH: RIAA gets First Public Official on Payroll

Or more accurately, the FCC has hired its newest commissioner, who likes copy protection and Digital Rights Management (DRM)

I Shamelessly stole this from HERE which quotes this site which reports that Bushie's Newest FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate formerly of Nashville, Tennessee (email)

says that at while at a public reception sponsored by the DC Bar Association

this former Tennessee Regulatory Commissioner proclaimed her love for country music and the artists that wish to use DRM to protect their content.
Despite the fact that in the "Broadcast Flag"(explanation) case, the broadcast flag was invalidated last year by the US Court of Appeals, which found that the FCC had exceeded its authority by creating this rule.

However, Commissioner Tate
says that despite the FCC’s lack of legal authority, she can (and will) still use her bully pulpit to bring awareness to content protection issues.

This is Very Scary.


Feedback needed. Please let me know if this is TOO technical, or not understandable. I am aiming for the AVERAGE layperson to be able to read my Tech stuff

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