Friday, April 21, 2006

RadiO: OPIE and ANTHONY come back to RADIO on CBS!

OK. Crude male mode on:

Wahoo. O&A are going to be coming back to "free" radio (censored of course) in Howard's OLD time slot, in his OLD network. Take that FORMER "King of all SHIT"

Oh and WHO?
Opie and Anthony are two dudes originally from Long Island, that accidentally became DJ's on Long Island, and then moved to Boston for their big break, and THEN became famous when they were fired for doing a April fools day story, complete with a news crew, saying the mayor had died.

Lo and behold, WNEW-FM (102.7 in NY one of the former greatest Rock stations in the country, now deader then a doornail) picked them up for their P.M. Drive Time.

They took off, spent their first three years in NY at a bargain salary, and then took their new fame (and ability to KILL Stern!) to a 20 million dollar(each) per year three year contract. Contract started in June 2002

And then they did their third annual "Sex for Sam"(Adams) competition, sponsored by Samuel Adams beer. This was August 2002.

And man. They blasted, and did the EXACT same bit, as the previous year, when the couples got points for location, location, and technique of said sex in various places.
The third annual competition, and the THIRD time they had a couple that went into St. Patricks Cathedral in NYC, and had sex there. The ONLY difference that year was that the couple, and the "judge/commentator" were arrested, and he stayed on the air as he was being arrested, leading to substantial publicity.

Needless to say, the pair was fired within the week, and were NOT released from their contract until June of 2003 (I believe). They WERE paid, but they were unable to talk, or comment on their contract. They started a LIVE uncensored show on XM that October, and I've been jealous I didn't have the cash to pay to listen.

But NOW it seems that they're coming back.

CBS announced they're negotiating with XM to have a 3 hr censored version of their show daily, coming from a 4 hr unedited XM show. (so they'll STILL be on XM for those who can afford to NOT be censored!)

Poor Howeird. On wussy old Sirus, and without ANY friends in Radio. What a maroon!


PS: Stupid Male mode is now OFF.
PPS: If you've never experienced the virus, (the O&A virus), you won't believe it!

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