Friday, April 21, 2006

MidEasT: Guilty or NOT Guilty

Ok. Simple. Should I (we?) feel guilty about the facts going on in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank?

Guilty: We should be guilty. We are creating a situation where the local inhabitants and families are being starved because there is no $$$ flowing into the area.

Not Guilty:
We aren't the ones responsible for the squalor they live in. This ALL started in 1948, when THEIR religious leaders told THEIR ancestors to leave for a few days while they killed ALL the Jews in the New state of ISRAEL.

It was THEIR ancestors that made sure their families could NOT become citizens of (say) Egypt, or Jordan. It was THEIR Arab governments that Never allowed any "refugees" to re-settle, or move out of these slums.

It was their CURRENT (democractically elected) government that CHOSE to STILL deny the RIGHT of the State of Israel should Exist.

It was THEIR fault that their GOVERNMENT (yesterday) chose to PRAISE the sucide bombing in Tel Aviv This week. It was THEIR government that was roundly denounced and more funds denied because of this.

My feeling?
despite my guilt at not feeling GUILTY, I blame the mindset of the so called Refugees for the way current generations are being brainwashed as the next generation of Sucide Homicide Bombers

I wish I could feel empathy. You choose the path. Choose violence, these results.
Choose PEACE, get different results. That's it.


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