Tuesday, April 11, 2006

PoLiticS: "W" gets STUPIDER, plans ANOTHER war

HEAVEN help us ALL!
What on earth have they been Smoking over there in the White HOUSE?

Are the "NEO-CONS" (Neo-Conservatives) SO brain dead that they don't realize that the LAST WAR they STARTED In IRAQ is:
  1. Still GOING on
  2. STILL under capitalized (TOO few troops there!)
  3. On the verge of creating a CIVIL War in IRAQ
  5. Another Vietnam, without the "glory", just the "gory"
  6. NOT the way to MEMORIALIZE "W" for his GREAT contribution to this COUNTRY
  7. THE BEST Al-Queida Recruiting tool ever?
Mind you. I started this Blog in February. I was against the war Three Years ago, and am STILL against the war, but NOW that we have it, we NEED to WIN the damned war.

AND WE need 500,000 TROOPS In IRAQ... AND we need to un-PRIVATIZED the MILITARY again!

Now, Seymour Hersh has come up with ANOTHER story on HOW the conservatives want to Now OVERTHROW IRAN.

READ the writing on the wall you Neo-CONS. BUSH needs to be OUT OF OFFICE*. His political dreams of "opening the Arab World to Democracy" needs to be buried.

The Dreams of using tactical nuclear (Nuke-u-ler) weapons as "Bunker Busters" against IRAN is the most INAPPROPRIATE (AND SCARIEST) thing I've ever HEARD of. Especially from a SITTING US President.

REMOVE DICK CHENEY from the VP office. Make Joe Lieberman the new Secretary of Defense. SEND DICK Cheny to BAGDAD to head the negotiation team.

* I almost said (bush needs to be dead)... But in this Newly UNPRIVATE and wiretapped world the NEO-CONS have left us, I'd likely be arrested and executed for treason before I could explain myself.

OVERTHROW THE IMPERIAL Monarchy. TELL BUSH and the CONGRESS we don't want MORE of the same BS.

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