Tuesday, April 11, 2006

MiDeasT: Iran Goes Nuke-U-LER, Bush goes ball-is-tic


Now the crisis is upon us today.

President A--hole has declared that Iran will NOT become Nuke-u-ler.
Iran just Claimed it joined the Nuke-u-ler club.
Pres "W" now claims the Sy Hersh piece does NOT mean they are going to ATTACK IRAN.

CAN I CRAWL under a rock until WW3 is OVER????



acalla01 said...

Allright dumb ass what the fuck have you been smoking...First off by no means am i a pro bush advocate however i am a US marine and i have friends that have died over there...Its stupid fucks like you that create bad morale...if you want to speak out thats fune but leave your candy ass stupid fucking opinion out and include some facts not your tree huging limp dick watery opinion out deuch bag

Markbnj said...

Ok. I am leaving your crass comment up, typos and all.

#1, I haven't smoked anything, (Not even tobacco, OR weed) for over 30 years. Looking at what our president has done to our civil rights, and our LAWS I still say he's smoking something.

#2. I was (and am still against the war). It was not started for the right reasons.
BUT since he did start a war, we need to support our troops, and put the CORRECT amount of support to WIN the war, not just pretend to FIGHT.
To ME this means we need 500,000 troops in Iraq, a draft, and a leader (Secretary of defense) that actually is interested in FIGHTING and WINNNING the war. Not just making the boss happy.
Yes, I support the troops. Yes, I want enough force so that the war CAN SUCCESSFULLY be won.
NO. Before the war started I tried to fight it. Once the commander in chief committed us I support it.

And I also say that this BS about the "out-sourced" war, where Halliburton supplies the food, laundry and toilet paper is NOT working and is NOT appropriate for this day and age and NEEDS to be STOPPED as soon as possible.

Want facts? go check out the Article by Sy Hersh at this weeks New Yorker Magazine (yes, he DID used to write for the NY Times, and was the guy from the Pentagon Papers...)

Sorry. But the ditzy idiots who are running Washington (and I DONT mean Bush-- I mean VP Cheny) ARENT interested in the soliders or EVEN winning the war.
They are interested in furthing the goal of their "Neo-con"(neo-conservative) agenda, and to pretend that the US has the ability (it doesnt without a draft right now) to make a difference in the world.