Tuesday, April 11, 2006

MidEasT:"we're on the eve of World War III'-update 4-14-06

I've been holding this a few weeks. It's time to post it. I was hoping I could ignore it..but doesnt seem likely.

NOTE that the quote below is NOT mine, as it appeared until I just corrected the COLOR!

'We're on the eve of World War III' Ex-Mossad chief urges West to unite, warns of Muslims [and US presidents]* "imposing [their] ideology * [added by ME!!]

Added: Link to Seymour Hersh New Yorker Article
as well as Sy Hersh's INTERVIEW on WNYC with Brian Leher on -4-11-06

FURTHER update: as of 4/14 six RETIRED US GENERALS have NOW CALLED for the removal of Donald Rumsfeld as the Secretary of Defense!!
    I am recapping here:
  1. Sept 11 attacks against US
  2. America's Fast retaliation {and war} in Afganistan
  3. Bush IMMEDIATELY commences planning and socializing WAR in IRAQ
  4. Bush Starts IlleGAL WIRETAPPING program INSIDE of United States and even DENIES existance of wiretap program (Breaks a LAW!!)
  5. Bush starts claiming REASON for Iraq is WMD
  6. Former Ambassador says Niger did NOT sell plutonium to IRAQ
  7. White House [BUSH] authorizes LEAK of CIA AGENT to VP and to NYTIMES and COMPROMISES a CIA agent (Breaks a LAW!!)
  8. Bush Acts SHOCKED that someone would OUT a CIA agent, and vows to get to bottom of the scandal and starts investigation. [Did he FORGET HE leaked the info?]
  9. President Starts War In IRAQ with TOO FEW troops.
  10. HALLIBURTON [VP's EX company ] scores BILLIONS of dollars in support contracts for IRAQ war
  11. Halliburton OVERCHARGES and BILKS USA for lots of $$$
  12. Dept of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says this will be an fast,easy mop-up action
  13. President starts to SPIN facts after WMD theory is debunked for good
  14. Donald RUMSFELD screws up war by having TOO few ground troops in place
  15. Neo-CONS forget to plan for "withdrawal" phase of war
  16. Rumsfeld and NEO-CONS discover that there IS resistance to American take over of IRAQ
  17. Paul Bremmer makes HUGE mistake and decides to dissolve IRAQI army. [Remember him? HE got a PRESIDENTIAL medal for that!]
  18. Bush claims in 2004 re-election that there will be NO DRAFT
  19. Bremmer screws up Iraqi repair Contracts
  20. HUGE American Casualties due to poor planning, and inadaquate troop placement
  21. President admits he messed up WMD, claims still winning in IRAQ despite 2300 deaths
  22. Bush admits they forgot to plan "EXIT Strategy"
  23. Bush starts to talk up war in IRAN
  24. IRAN counters, throws out US inspectors
  25. US between rock and hard place, decides to ATTACK IRAN too.

  1. TOO FEW TROOPS in IRAQ today.
  3. We're streched too thin today
  4. The "OUTSOURCED" army experiment has FAILED (COST over-runs, too few support, NO way of tracking success/failure or status, or even accountability of contractors...

Questions for all campers reading this.
  • Why is Donald Rumsfield STILL EMPLOYED as Secy of defense? Better Suggestion. Make him the ONSITE IRAQ army implementation co-ordinator, based at the Bagdad airport.
  • Why is the Halliburton (VP) executive STILL running the Country?
  • Why hasn't the president realized that being loyal is a good thing, but TOO MUCH of a good thing can ruin your health, your reputation, and even YOUR COUNTRY...
  • Do you really think Bush will PEACEFULLY leave the white house in 2008?
Cheers (I wish)


Onyx said...

You doin okay over there?? I just have this pitiful vision in my head of you curled under an old 50s school desk with a helmet on.


I personally think Bush is a good candidate for AntiChrist.

Anonymous said...

Let's work on your capitalization there, sport.

Markbnj said...

OK. CaPitaLiZation first.

I do this in honor and rememberance of c.c. cummings, who never EVER capitialized any of his poetry.

If you look at my headers they are MOSTLY capitalized consistently!

Markbnj said...

RE: Air Raid Helmet.
My wife just said to me, You know, with all your blue talk about the coming WWIII and destruction, and (didnt cover this in blog yet)...your expectation that we will all be bombed back into the ice age,(and thus flashlights with BATTERIES will be useless, but self-cranked flashlights with no moving parts will make you a hero, this sounds just like she said....

Well you know. There IS a prediction of gog and magog, (end of the world as we know it...) and maybe this IS the beginning.

Double sigh.
Need a coffee before there's no more left.

Cheers (I hope)

Markbnj said...

Sorry make that e. e. cummings, not c. c. cummings.

Markbnj said...

Oh...and ANOTHER thing. I just heard I was "quoted" on Fark.com.

I DO NOT wear a Aluminum Foil Helmet!

However I do have much experience in sucessfully predicting long term outcomes

And yes.

1) we're F*cked
2) We WILL have a draft before BUSH (w) leaves office
3) We WILL officially be PLANNING a war with IRAN by the time he leaves office.
I make these quotes in stone!