Thursday, February 16, 2006

Brian Lehrer

I love Brian Leher or his Blog He is the intelligent man's answer to talk radio. He's on 10am-12noon on
Walter Mosley: was on todayHis new book,Time to Divorce the Democrats? At any rate, I am amazed. No I've never heard of Bill Clinton's favorite author before. He's (normally) a crime writer. Today he was on discussing his new book on politics. AND amazingly enough

He admits that he's not a politician, and NOT a Professional "pundit"

I can't wait to read his book.

The book suggests that we need a third political party. Mosley suggests that Blacks should start to form this third party themselves, as a natural power base.
I think I need to join.
My opinion is that Ralph Nader was good the first time he ran for president, but he was actualy the cause of Bush being elected in 2000.

'nuff said...


Ron said...

Dear Brian, Just to let you know that I think that Bush has one hell of a nerve stating that he intends to make a truce with the Iraqi government (or lack of same)that will keep American troops and bases there and in return Iraq will not prosecute the forces or private "protective" agencies, such as Blackwater for anything. I hope that congress can find a way to halt all his stuborness and insistance that if we don't agree with him, we are traitors and terrorists, when it is he who is the real terror.

Also, in reply to your "semi-question" on the radio the other day about who we should name various things after, you asked if we can name something for the Bronx zoo. I can't think of who the zoo should be named after, but the monkey house should be the George W. Bush house.

Markbnj said...

FYI, all, this is MARK.

I love the Brian Lehrer show.

But (I wish I was) I'm NOT Brian.

As a matter of fact, when I call into the show, I think he has routinely chosen not to pick my line any more.

But I still love his show, and his outlook

LOOK HERE for my latest blog,

I am going to attempt to document the reasons I believe we need a new, or GRAND Deal to solve a lot of problems in our society..

mark Brown

PS: Ron. I agree that the George W. Bush Monkey house sounds PERFECT for our current monkey in chief!