Friday, February 17, 2006

Republicians and Automobiles

...(speaking of Regan Republicians...) It would be a great oversimplification to assert baldly, as Greg does,
that the Cold War ended because of Ronald Reagan. There were many
factors involved...snip...

But the transition to capitalism might have been easier in those circumstances.
As for inflation, ...snip... at the end of the Carter years. But this was
attributable in large part to the oil shocks of the time...

I turn this conversationsideways and says.

AND WHAT the heck did Reagan say about OIL? The heck with the arabs. We ain't EVER gonna make BETTER cars, because we WON the OIL war.

WELL people, and especially you CONSERVATIVE republican economists. LOOKIE where we are today?

OIL? $60+/barrel
CAFE standards (Corporate Fuel economy Standards? ) STILL at the same abymismal levels they were in the late 80's...
WHY? Republican "tampering" and grandstanding...

SO. Now Ford,GM and even Chryler/Damlier Benz say they have too many people and aren't selling enough cars in the US.

HOW many of you reading this own an SUV?
(I've come clean...I own a Mini-Van...and I hate it passionately]*
OK. Now how many of you own a Clean vehicle?
OK, now how many of you can say they own a Clean vehicle can actually use a CLEAN fuel in your car?

* more on my "great" Honda mini-van (My first and last "Japanese" car ever)

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