Tuesday, April 11, 2006

PoLiticS: Cheney lets Bush issue leak on CIA agent outing

Andy Sez: VP let Pres leak!
“If President Bush told Dick Cheney to do something, ...[snip]...that would be a first for this White House"


I am chilled that Bush has admitted that he is the ORIGIN of the leak of the OUTING of the CIA Agent 3 years ago.

SO time for some Questions:

If he himself (unclassified) or LEAKED the darned information, WHY did he

1) say he was going to track down the source of the leaks and prosecute them for exposing a CIA agent which was against the LAW?

2) NOT quash the investigation when it hit the White house again??!

3) Keep Donald Rumsfield EMPLOYED as Defense Secretary?

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