Friday, March 03, 2006

HumoR: THE "I" Word

Tivoli. (See HERE for it's meaning)... I was listening to Brian Leher this morning, and he started his show by saying, that, "More and More people are starting to use the "I" word, with President Bush."

I Immediately thought, Idiot, I agree he is! But he was actually talking about "I"mpeachment! Time to do it! BUT Cheny has to resign first!

Curious George

Our PresiDenT of the UniteD sTates.
Or is that AltereD States?



Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

interestin post

Onyx said...

I wish people would bring up the I word. But everywhere around me are Bush supporters. Augh!!!!

Thanks for stopping by. I like your blog.

Markbnj said...

My only Question is:


Personally, I prefer the IDIOT word myself! It describes our problem very well!
Gee this is the first time I've commented on my comments, thanks. (and gee, my hit counter is at 11! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bush is going down. He won't make it through his term. He will be impeached/resigned/jailed. I look foward to the day, I'm going to throw a party to celebrate. His administration disgusts me. On a positive note, even Republicans are starting to come around, they can't live in denial forever.
I enjoyed you're blog.