Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ready 2 VeggiE: Get Ready to say bye to Eggs, Chicken!

In the News: Bird Flu Hits Poultry Stocks at French Farm

Hey Folks:

See my predictions at end of this piece!

Bird Flu Has now hit the largest commercial Turkey Farm in France.

It's Getting Closer!
We will:
A) Lose ALL (commercial & small farm) Poultry farming in the USA.
B) For a limited amount of time, EGGS will be available.
However, Organic (Free-Range) eggs will become unavailable by this summer
C) There will no be more CHICKEN in this country by November 2006
D) We will have a full fledged FLU PANDEMIC by December 2006
(and it won't affect me unless I catch the flu from a Human... I've been a vegetarian for over 30 years now!

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