Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In Memorial: Gun Controlbadly Needed: Wife Kills hubby during Gun Lesson

Arguh. This is just STUPID..... and why we need to ban stupid J*ckarses from doing stupid shit...

Super slick, Sgt. Eric Autio wanted to make sure his new bride was safe. Especially since he was going on his third active tour to Afganistan.

So he was giving his wife a gun lesson.

He forgot rule number one.

NEVER EVER point a gun (loaded or unloaded) at someone's head.

Whoopsie.... I guess the LATE Sgt. Eric Autio is telling his guardian, that his beloved missed (or just must have failed) that lesson.

Peter Hamm, communications director for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, told ABCNews.com that while Autio's death was tragic, "unfortunately, it was not unique."

"In terms of people handing other people firearms in a casual way and talking about the firearms, it happens a lot," he said.

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