Monday, February 09, 2009

Shame-OUT: Republician Stubborness

IT's NOT time to sit and ARGUE

We're in a Financial Crisis as bad (I believe) as the "Great Depression" (or as I call it now, the Second Depression)...

We are no longer in:

* An election cycle
* A presidential Election
* A period of ""loyal opposition"*
* A time when we can use the 'same old' arguments for/against 'growth' or big government.

The time to argue is OVER. We as Americans have not lived through the times that were prevalent in the first depression of the 1930's.

We can pray, and be grateful, that the head of the Federal Reserve Bank, Ben Bernanke, received his doctorate in studying the 'first (great) depression'.

If Bernanke had not studied the depression so much we would not be at 7.6 percent unemployment on 2/9/09, but we would already perhaps be at double that rate (15%).

I further my argument that now is not the time to play "partisan politics" (democratic or republican). I think that our new president is doing a spectacular job of attempting to be non-partisan, but am totally mystified at the reaction of the republican so called "loyal opposition" when they either say, "More tax cuts, or worse yet, "No more big spending".

Here's what I call the "real deal". (In my opinion), It's going to get much much worse. The economy will not be improving in the short term, or even within 18 months. It will (again in my opinion) get much, much worse.

* The Stock markets will not improve.
* The banks will need to start lending money to people and businesses, but won't until pushed.
* The jobless rate will continue to grow.
* The homeless rates (and foreclosure rate) will continue to skyrocket.

And my number one take-away from this situation:

It's going to require MASSIVE ** amounts of CA$H to pump into our country for us to get out of this second depression. It isn't pretty, it isn't documented (except if you carefully look into the way FDR got us out of the 'great' depression.)

And (as usual for me) *** I used the first depression, and took notes, and came up with a twelve point plan (that the current president has mostly agreed with) to get our country out of this mess.

---> nuff said for now<------

* Loyal opposition? What happened to the Majority in Congress during the eight years of the 'failed presidency' of George W?

** Excuse the CAPS. I have been attempting to use less capitalized words (I see this as emPHASis), in my posts, but some are occasionally needed.

*** I have no problems admitting that my mind, while less "classically trained" (read: educated), functions faster, and better then some people with doctorates out there. Those with advanced training might disagree, and even violently disagree, but remember it's my blog, but I keep commenting totally open and anonymous comments ARE allowed.
I will be posting an example of this later today/tomorrow as a 'shout-out' to myself for correctly calling the "waterboarding is torture" debacle of three years ago...

Just a reminder: THIS IS MY blog. I am happy to suggest and receive criticism, or ideas.
I have been consistently saying many of these things for many years. (This blog has been going since 2006, and has over 600 posts...)

and I also ask that if you find me interesting (or perhaps even good entertainment...), you recommend my blog to someone...

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