Thursday, December 11, 2008

Google Update: 2008: Chrome (and google rehash)

OK: I ignored (until now) Chrome. Google's new browser, it's answer to Firefox.

But now I am also:
sharing a list of all my google posts
talking about Google.
Re-stating my long term predictions for Google.

1) Google posts:

2) Long term Predictions about Google:
First What's come true:
a) A Google data center in a box (now marketed as a product by SUN)
A 40 foot Tractor trailer (can be stacked on top of each other), containing Thousands of servers.

b) A Phone (the G-phone) now available from T-mobile.

c) Purchase of rights to Thousands of "dark fiber" from other carriers.

NOW Short term predictions:

2.1 The Google PC: I see this as a $40 to $100 add-on that will essentially give google a, "yes, I agree to Google's ads (and content) being served to them.
2.2 The Google Ad contracts with the major networks. I predict this will allow them the rights to pre-empt national ads, and replace them for the networks and advertisers.
(example: A domino's commercial will run with your local location on screen, and a button to click to let you ordersomething online...)


Long term prediction:

They take the data centers, they take the fiber, they serve us commercials.
They then tell us we can use THEM as their ISP...

Game over. Everyone else go home!

See my other blog: for more details.

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