Monday, October 20, 2008

Waste Your Vote? Why vote Palin? A personal question

To those I personally know who claim they are voting for John McCain.

1) Get real. He AIN'T a muslim. You listen to too much Rush Limbaugh and radical talk-shows.
2) The REPUBLICAN (read RIGHT WING John Birch Society) Nuts have LOST. THIS Financial crisis was the DEATH KNOLL of the conservative movement.
3) Waste your vote?? Are you crazy? Do you know how dangerous John McCain is today?
4) NOW is NOT the time to punish the Democratic party because Hillary isn't the nominee.
5) Barak Obama, UNLIKE the republican candidate, has NOT resorted to NEGATIVE campaigning, Negative ROBO-Phone calls, or even claiming Obama is not qualified, or is simply a terrorist.
5a) FOR SHAME to you for think you're better off then you were 8 years ago.
6) Are you better then you were 30 days ago? NO. Why vote for the guy that has NO FINANCIAL Knowledge?
7) Do you really think Bill Ayers is a Terrorist? You lived through the sixties.
One of you was actually in the ARMY.
Give me a break. He paid his DUES. Call me a terrorist then!

8) and WHY the heck is McCain so desperate that he's resorting to THAT?!


9) are you buying that "obama will raise taxes bull-turds? Do you REALLY make OVER $250,000 per year? Gee I never knew that.

10) Even MY plans raise taxes (mine above 1million, with a new MINIMUM Millionaire Tax (MMT) of 1-5% of GROSS income!)

Yes, I like John McCain. Until he decided to go for the "Republican Base" (read the conservative base of ANTI-Abortion, PRO GUN, PRO CHRISTIAN and evangelical groups).

He has TOTALLY sold out his policies:

a) He reversed his policy on Drilling for Oil in Alaska. ALL of a sudden, it's fine
b) HE admits HE HAS NO FINANCIAL Knowledge. And he was PROUD of this last year!
b1) NOW is NOT THE TIME for a FINANCIAL NEOPHYTE to be in the WHITE HOUSE. We have JUST (almost) gotten rid of the WORST President in The ENTIRE HISTORY of this country.
b2) Now is NOT the time for someone who said, "The economy is FINE" IN SEPTEMBER of 2008. (and then reverses himself less then three hours later.)

c) John McCain and Joe Lieberman? That would have been a ticket that I could not have avoided supporting. Sarah Tina Palin? Let's vote to have her KICKED off Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey does a better Sarah Palin.

Don't insult me by saying that Sarah Palin is ready to be Governor, let alone the President.
Don't insult me by saying that Sarah Palin isn't going to be President. It has happened.
Don't insult me by saying that Sarah Palin is a great alternative to Barak Obama.

Please Answer This message (I will re-post it anonymously for you)

Feel free to CITE sources,


PS: for the record, I am STILL voting for OBAMBA, even if I hold my nose while I do it.

I think it's the better choice for our country.
OK, you wanted a Political discussion: Here goes.

The background I believe that:
* It's going to be as BAD as the last one.
* The current failures only bring us 25% into the problem!!
* According to Robert Reich (former Sec'y of Labor under Clinton): The only number that he EVER saw, defining the
depression was that the unemployment rate hovered around 25%.
* We need a new deal.
* After 58 years of NO Health Care Reform (since 1950!) it will FINALLY be coming soon...
* We've managed to WASTE a FULL generation (from Zero to thirty) with decaying social, educational, and interpersonal skills.
* Our nation is no longer DOING (producing) anything.
SO, from these few premises, I have extrapolated a great deal of items to FIX our society...

We need to make sure that a number of issues are resolved ALL at once.
If we don't do them ALL at once, its like juggling three RUNNING chain saws, but dropping one!

Here's what I came up with:

We need to do the FOLLOWING to FIX our Society:
* Create A Living Wage
* Create a National Single payer Healthcare
* Create a National 3-4 year draft (or alternate service)
* Create a Federally paid Day Care starting at six months
* Implement Tax Reform on the ULTRA Rich
* Lobbying (Political Reform)
* Education
* Infrastructure (road /bridge/Systems repairs)
* Lack of Training/futures
* Truth and Reconcilliation Commission
* A new "Manhattan" project, focusing on Energy INDEPENDENCE

See my other blog: for more details.

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