Tuesday, September 16, 2008

OMG: Balloon Sighting!

In the Lighter Side of News:
Those few (of my handful of less then five) readers may know:

Once upon a time, (in the many different iterations of my lives)

I was a (certified) (ha-ha) balloon artiste.

Yes,.. And I even did Balloon Animals... LIKE this!

except... This is LARGER then "Life size", and made of aluminum.

OUCH. there but for the grace of bigger artistes, go I..

Heh Heh..
take that dear daughter..

OK, you wanted a Political discussion: Here goes.

The background I believe that:
* It's going to be as BAD as the last one.
* According to Robert Reich (former Sec'y of Labor under Clinton): The only number that he EVER saw, defining the
depression was that the unemployment rate hovered around 25%.
* We need a new deal.
* After 58 years of NO Health Care Reform (since 1950!) it will FINALLY be coming soon...
* We've managed to WASTE a FULL generation (from Zero to thirty) with decaying social, educational, and interpersonal skills.
* Our nation is no longer DOING (producing) anything.
SO, from these few premises, I have extrapolated a great deal of items to FIX our society...

We need to make sure that a number of issues are resolved ALL at once.
If we don't do them ALL at once, its like juggling three RUNNING chain saws, but dropping one!

Here's what I came up with:

We need to do the FOLLOWING to FIX our Society:
* Create A Living Wage
* Create a National Single payer Healthcare
* Create a National 3-4 year draft (or alternate service)
* Create a Federally paid Day Care starting at six months
* Implement Tax Reform on the ULTRA Rich
* Lobbying (Political Reform)
* Education
* Infrastructure (road /bridge/Systems repairs)
* Lack of Training/futures
* Truth and Reconcilliation Commission
* A new "Manhattan" project, focusing on Energy INDEPENDENCE

See my other blog: http://sos-newdeal.blogspot.com for more details.


Owen Jaden said...

Aaaaahhhhh! it is so BIG!!! is that real? sigh.... it made me months to make a simple balloon dog and here you are making a giant balloon art. how could you do that?

Markbnj said...

Yeah it's real, no, it's NOT mine.
Yes, I did learn to make balloon animals in addition to the arches, and stuff.

No, it IS real, but it was made out of Aluminum (by artist Jeffery Koons)

and it IS lifesize, (wow!)

Dale said...

Let keep it fun... Let talk about balloon animals