Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Carter: GO HOME

You HAVEN't helped the peace process.

Hugging a 'known terrorist'

Laying a wreath at the grave of someone who assassinated 13 Israeli Athletes in 1972??

If he really cared about the Palestinians, he would have FORCED Egypt to
TAKE back the Gaza Strip in the 1979/1980 Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel.

Did you know Israel was DESPERATE to get rid of the ENTIRE Gaza strip in 1980???

And now... Israel is no longer in the Gaza Strip,, and what happens??

The (law-loving) Palestinians in the Gaza strip:

(still) Shoot rockets into Israel
RIOT, and tear down the border into Egypt, and shoot at egyptian army when they
tried to close the border...

STILL claim that israel is in charge, despite the fact that they FORCIBLY removed all THE Jewish residents of the Gaza Strip, and GAVE the land to the Palestinians.

And now, one of the fertile farm lands that was in Gaza, is now ruined...
They had a ongoing, VIABLE tomato farming operation that exported to Europe.

Now??? it's back to the Desert it was (before 1967) for the past thousand years.

In general, the 'arab' occupants of the Biblicial state of Israel have a PRETTY poor
track record on farming, and keeping the land from becoming desert again...

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