Friday, September 21, 2007



WHY am I not for OBAMA?

NOTHING to do with RACE (even though I'm white! I swear!)

Top Reasons why I don't like Obama (for President)

  1. He's a great Senator, and has great potential once he's seasoned.
  2. He's NOT Seasoned.
    1. He has (only 2 years) National Service
    2. He was a STATE senator before this
    3. He's unproven in national and international situations.
  3. He is competing against the first woman with a chance to be president.
    1. AUGH, could she lose the election (a la Ralph NADER?)
      1. Don't FORGET 2000 The Supreme Court annointed the Loser president!
      2. Do we REALLY want to split the ENTIRE party NOW?

IN SUMMARY, I am against OBAMA because I am afraid.

NOT of a Black President (may I be alive to see the day when it comes...)

Because I am afraid of another REPUBLICIAN RULING (and removing) our failing democracy. for the next four years.

AND I need to explain why I don't (REALLY!) support HILLARY either (see HERE- Eventually!)

2008 Haiku: Impeach Cheney; Pelosi Pardons ; Democracy Restored-- Pass it on

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