Wednesday, August 08, 2007

TecH: Love is: building a PC for your BETTER Half

OK.. and wife out there, watch out! This may happen to YOU one day!!!

Jason Cross, a geek who works for Ziff-Davis (ExtremeTech) was able to

Get his Girlfriend to Build Her Own PC!

Picture of Said Girlfriend..
This is neat. This is great. And he says,

If you're hoping to find a list of pink PC components or information on how to bedazzle the crap out of a PC case, you might as well stop reading. My girlfriend of more than three years, Glenda, hates that stuff.

He goes on to explain:
She is, as I'm sure many significant others of people who read this site are, a self-professed computer geek. More than most, even.

  • She doesn't need any help getting things done in Windows.
  • She's not afraid to change a registry entry or two.
  • She loves video games—PC or console—and wants some fairly beefy hardware.
The only problem is, she's not into hardware. She knows what all the important parts are, but she doesn't have an interest in PC components and certainly holds no romantic ideals about building her computer herself. Maybe you can relate?

I think:

  • It's so so CUTE.
  • It's so, so PRACTICAL.
  • It's SUCH a great idea.
  • It's time for him to take his girlfriend OFF the market, after three years...Can you say, MARRIAGE?? (Hint hint) [Glenda, he MUST care for you if he will let you do the work..Does he do the dishes too?]

1 comment:

Jason Cross said...

Glad you thought the experiment was worthwhile.

Yes, she does dishes. And so do I. We take turns.

She's pretty much "off the market" already. We live together, we aren't seeing other people or anything. We're just, neither one of us, ready for marriage yet. As you may have noticed in the article, she's gone back to school, so we probably won't take a step like marriage until after that's over with.