Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Stupid iS™: NBC Reporter for Dateline:NBC "OUTED" at Defcon!

Blonde ambition at Defcon

Reporter Michelle Madigan came to the 15th annual Defcon conference in search of a good story. Instead, she became one.

Thanks to "Robert Cringley" (The imposter at the FORMER magazine Infoworld, not the REAL Robert (X) (or bob) Cringley!)

The Chief geek at the show Jeff Moss decided to play "Spot the Reporter," asking the press person with the hidden camera to please identify herself. Once Madigan realized the jig was up, she fled the room.

She was gleefully tailed into the parking log by a dozen or so jeering Defcon attendees, which is the closest some of them had been to a girl in their lives.

For those of you in that last category, Michelle is the WOMAN, with blonde hair, and jeans at the upper right of the picture!

She is shown, quickly leaving the convention, having become today's latest celebrity gossip victim!

Of course we're talking about a group of HACKERS having a convention, so the fact that
show organizers knew Madigan was coming before she even stepped onto a plane, which is frightening but not necessarily surprising. This snippet from the IDG News story by Robert McMillan and PC World's Erik Larkin is worth repeating:

Defcon organizers identified Madigan after being tipped off by her associates, who a show organizer declined to name. After the incident, the show organizer showed reporters a complete dossier on Madigan, which included a photograph, phone number, job title and social security number. He would not say how he obtained it.

I have only two rules when dealing with the hacker community: Rule #1: Don't mess with the black hats. Rule #2: See rule #1.

'nuff said??

10 point bonus Question:

How is NBC Like the George Bush>

Answer: NBC is to George Bush, as a PERSON NOT thinking of "what comes NEXT" is to someone who is NOT CAPABLE of asking "What comes NEXT?" and has spent over 600 Billion dollars DOING it.

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