Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WTF : Don't try this at home department

My FAVORITE (new) WTF site is also Evil Mad Scientist Labs. (EMSL)

Do NOT try this at home.

They use something called, "A Sucide Cord"
aka a 120volt (or 220 for you Non USA/Japan-ites) power cord with it's end cut off

EMSL suggests a new DANGEROUS way to cook hot dogs (not for ME, since I'm a vegetarian!)
Electrocuting the hot-dog!

As they say in the article, do NOT try this at home, unless you Really Really want to win a Darwin award (explanation). The darwin award (web-site) and I quote

Honoring those who improve the
accidentally removing themselves from it!

(in other words, killing yourself!)

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writerwoman said...

LOL. Some people take stupidity to new levels.