Wednesday, June 20, 2007

PoliticS: BloomBerg for President 2008??

Political QUESTION for the community....
President 2008.

(My opinion: Hillary and Obama are deeply flawed, with excess baggage.
Richardson is interesting, I like John Edwards (and he 'ain't a senator now!)

BUT.... against Rudy Gulianni (as ex ny'er I can safely say Dictator in WAITING)
and ...

They aren't what I've wanted to DEVOTE myself to this time

BUT now

MICHAEL Bloomberg (who is term-limited from having another term as mayor of NY)

has declared as independent.

I say "Go Mikey Go!!!!"


* Built a multi-billion dollar business in less then 20 years
* Good administrator, has proven in NY, he is Chief Executive officer/)PRESIDENT material
* SELF FINANCING is a NO BRAINER. He spent $150 MILLION to win his 2 terms in NYC
* almost 80-90% (not sure. need details) approval rating
* Possible savior to campaign financing Scandals??? to push reform through?
* Viewed as a positive or consencious builder, not a "tear-down" or dicatator, or wishy-washy.
* No NEGATIVE perceptions of him vis-a-vis "9-11", as opposed to "Rudy"

* A jew for President, in my lifetime??? Be still my heart (shades of JFK!)
* MUCH question about motives.
* Buying presidency?
* Vs. Rudy and Hilary? A 3 way NY race?
* Will rest of country think of this as viable?
*3rd party candidate for President?
* Will this only elect the REPUBLICIAN in 2008

Your thoughts? all welcome

Ideas? comments? thoughts?

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