Tuesday, June 05, 2007

MidEasT: Hee Hee ahem? 40 yrs later--too bad


Which is sadder?

  • The President of the Palestinian Authority's speech today saying that today's 40th anniversary of the six day war is only overshadowed by the possiblilty of a FULL blown PALESTINIAN CIVIL WAR
Or the world media, which thinks that celebrating, or COMMERATING the 40th Anniversary of the "SECOND Nakba"(my term- I should copyright it!)

  • The BBC is (as I speak) having an anniversary party... I don't know why.
I love this, I wish I could have a word for word transcript
  • Cairo: In 1967, it was like a funeral, after the Israeli Air Force destroyed the ENTIRE Egyptian Air Force within 2 hours. We started crying, oh we want palestine...
  • Syria: No celebration here today, but they are celebrating the weeklong celebration of their president's gainin of power after his father died.
    • And in a quick, humiliating display about public information, no one in Syria knew anything except THE, "CULTURE of DENIAL"
THAT is the TOTAL problem.

Arabs refuse to acknowledge ISRAEL, (they STILL haven't accepted the 1948 declaration by the UN that establishes a TWO state solution... UNTIL they do, there will be NO PEACE!!!)

This DEFEAT, needs to be accepted!
The BBC should be praised for their brash stupidity in celebrating Israel's 1967 victory by going to the ARAB countries to EMPHASIZE their defeat in 1967

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